ASTM A312 TP304L Tubing

ASTM A312 Gr tp 304l tubing


Kamal Steels is one of the most trusted suppliers, distributor, and exporter of ASTM A312 Gr tp 304l Tubing. ASME SA 312 tp304l specification covers straight-seam welded, seamless, and heavily cold worked welded austenitic stainless steel pipe intended for high-temperature and general corrosive service. Our offered ASTM a312 tp304l EFW Pipes furnished in the heat-treated condition in accordance with the required heat treating temperature and cooling/testing requirements. ASTM A312 Gr tp 304l Tubing Suppliers to a wide range of customers across a diverse range of industries. These industries include process, hydraulics, pneumatics, chemical, petrochemical, marine, water, pump and many more. We supply high-quality ASME SA312 TP304l Stainless Steel Seamless pipe that is sized, cut, and finished according to your exact specifications, ASTM a312 TP304l Pipe is available with ODs from 0.250″ to 8.000″ with wall thickness from 0.020″ to 0.250″.

ASTM A312 TP304L Seamless Pipe

ASTM A312 TP304L Seamless Pipe

ASTM A312 TP304L Pipe

ASTM A312 TP304L Pipe

ASTM A312 TP304L Welded Pipe

ASTM A312 TP304L Welded Pipe

A312 Grade TP304L Welded Tube Manufacturer in India, Refer Specification Table

ASTM A312 GR TP 304L Tubing Specification

ASTM A312 TP304L tubing specification

Supplier of ASTM A312 DIN 1.4307 Coil Tubing and SA 312 Gr 304L Heat Exchanger Tubes, View Price List

Price List of SA 312 Grade TP304L ERW Tube

INCH INCH FT. INCH (US $ EACH) (Singapore) (South Korea)
1/4" 0.120" 6 0.065" US $ 3.85 SGD 5.21 KRW 5248.76
1/4" 0.084" 6 0.083" US $ 6.00 SGD 8.12 KRW 8179.89
1/8" 0.027" 6 0.049" US $ 1.00 SGD 1.35 KRW 1363.32
1/8" 0.055" 6 0.035" US $ 1.00 SGD 1.35 KRW 1363.32
1/8" 0.069" 6 0.028" US $ 1.00 SGD 1.35 KRW 1363.32
3/16" 0.118" 6 0.035" US $ 1.20 SGD 1.62 KRW 1635.98
3/16" 0.132" 6 0.028" US $ 1.30 SGD 1.76 KRW 1772.31

Types of ASTM A312 TP304L Tube

ASTM A312 TP304L Stainless Boiler Pipe
ASTM A312 TP304L Decorative Pipe
ASTM A312 TP304L Sanitary Pipe
ASTM A312 TP304L Polished Pipe

ASTM  A312 TP304L Oval Pipe
ASTM  A312 TP304L Hollow Pipe
A312 TP304L Exhaust Pipe
A312 304L Hexgonal Pipe


Stockist of ASTM A312 304L Polish Tube and SA 312 Grade TP304L ERW Tube With Plain, Beveled, Threaded Ends


SA 312 Grade TP304L ERW Tube Ends

  • Treaded Both Ends
  • Bevel Small end
  • Plain Both Ends
  • Plain One End
  • Bevel One end
  • Bevel Both Ends
  • Beveled End
  • Bevel Large End
  • Beveled One End
  • Treaded On End


ASME SA 312 304L Coil Tubing Chemical Composition

Check SA 312 UNS S30403 Seamless Tube and ASTM A312 Gr TP304L Cold Drawn Seamless Tube Chemical Table

ASTM A312 TP304L S30403 18.0-20.0 0.035 2 8.0-13.0 0.045 0.03 1


SA 312 Gr 304L Heat Exchanger Tubes Mechanical Properties

Material Temperure Yield Strength Tensile Strength Heat Elongation %, Min
Min.º F(º C) Ksi (MPa), Min. Ksi (MPa), Min. Treatment
ASTM A312 TP304L 1900 (1040) 25(170) 70(485) Solution 35


SA 312 TP 304L Tubing Physical Properties

Learn About Corrosion Resistant of ASTM A312 Grade TP304L Bright Annealed Tube

Grade Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (m/m/0C) Density (kg/m3) Specific Heat 0-1000C (J/kg.K) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Electrical Resistivity (n.m)
at 1000C at 5000C 0-1000C 0-3150C 0-5380C
ASTM A312 TP304L 16.2 21.5 17.2 17.8 18.4 8000 500 193 720


A312 TP304L Seamless Tube Equivalent Material

Werkstoff/DIN EN grades ASTM grades
1.4306 X2CrNi19-11 ASTM A 312 Grade TP304L
1.4307 X2CrNi18-9 ASTM A 312 Grade TP304L