Jindal Stainless Steel Weight Calculator

Jindal stainless steel pipe weight calculator


Use our steel weight calculator designed to help you quickly calculate the weight for stainless steel materials including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, nickel, steel, and more. We've also included sections for you to customize it by shape, size and the number of pieces you are are needing. Our this weight calculator handy tool will help you customize your requirements when asking for a quote.

Calculate SS 304 Square, Hollow, Rectangle and Round Pipe Weight in KG

Weight Calculator for Stainless Steel Pipe

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Formula For Calculating Stainless Steel Pipe Weight


Formula for Calculating Stainless Steel Pipe Weight :

0.D. (mm) - W. Thick (mm) X W. Thick (mm) X 0.0248 = Wt. Per Mtr.
0.D. (mm) - W. Thick (mm) X W. Thick (mm) X 0.00756 = Wt. Per Feet

Refer LBs to Kg Formula

LBs to Kg Formula

1 Kg = 2.205 lbs (pounds)
lb ÷ 2.205 = kg