Stainless Steel Pipes for Thermocouple

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Stainless Steel Pipes for Thermocouple is available in Inconel nickel alloy and stainless steel. Tubes are available in open one end as well as closed at both ends. The standard length for Thermocouple Parts Protection Tube available from stock is 6 inches. Otherwise, with Kamal Steel practically any length tube is available on short delivery.

316 stainless steel tubing for Thermocouple

316 stainless steel tubing for Thermocouple

Stainless Steel Thermocouple Pipes

Stainless Steel Thermocouple Pipes

SS Thermocouple Protection Tubes

SS Thermocouple Protection Tubes



Material SS
SIze According To Customer’s Drawing
Type High Temperature Hose
Name Thermocouple Protection Tubes
Surface Roughness According To Customer Requirements
Service OEM Or ODM



Stainless Steel Thermocouple Tubes Suppliers in Bangalore and Chennai, ASTM A312 TP304 Thermocouple Material in Stock at Best Price in India

Kamal Steel's protection tubes are intended for use with fine or heavy gauge thermocouples and ceramic insulators, as well as Kamal Steel standard thermocouple wire. Bare wire thermocouples can be insulated using ceramic insulators as well as the insulators used in replacement elements.

Kamal Steel's protection tubes can be conveniently secured into vessels, pipes, and chambers by using compression fittings. Sleeve Pipe for Thermocouple is used for Thermocouple or Spring-type thermocouple. They are available in Diameter 6 mm &8mm and different length.

1/4 inch diameter 316 stainless steel tubing for Thermocouple in Stock, “Series 3H” Ceramic Protected Thermocouple Distributor

High Temperature Tubing is available in many types of finish Zinc plate in white, yellow, blue, or black color, Zn/Ni plating, Mechanical zinc plating, Cr3+, black oxide, brass plate, Ni plate, electrophoresis, dacromet, hot-dipped galvanized, positive electrode oxidization.

Flanged, Threaded, Van Stone and welded mounting styles with stem profile options allow for application flexibility. A wide selection of thermocouple protection tube from stainless steel to exotic materials meets varying process specifications.

Flexible design modifiers for root bore & tip thickness allow customization for special application requirements. It has differing flange material from the stem for cost-efficiency. Metal Ceramic (Lt-1®) Protection Tubes are having material certification, NACE, and PMI, ensure material traceability or compatibility. Special testing options to meet process requirements including dye penetration test, external hydrostatic pressure test, and more.

Termocouple Parts Protection Tube or Sleeve Pipe for Thermocouple High Temperature Tubing

Product Name thermocouple protection tube
Material Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Description 1. Protection tube are used for Thermocouple/Spring -type Thermocouple. Diameter 6mm, diameter 8mm and different length, and so on.
Grade 2, 4, 4.8, 5, 6, 6.8, 8, 8.8,10.9,12.9,14.9
Finsh Zinc plate (white,blue,yellow,black), Zn/Ni plating, Mechanical zinc plating, Cr3+, black oxide, Ni plate, brass plate, electrophoresis, dacromet, hot-dipped galvanized, positive electrode oxidization, etc.

Series 5TS/5TK” Ceramic Protection Tubes, “Series 5T” Metal Protection Tubes for heavy duty thermocouple, and Stainless Steel thermocouple Pipe Price List.