Stainless Steel Boiler Tube

Stainless steel boiler tube


KAMAL STEEL lead the stainless steel market in superb quality and service. We offer a variety of SS Boiler Tube, manufactured as per with national and international standards. Our SS Boiler Tube is manufactured to specification to ensure that your end-use product requirements have been met. We are supplier, stockist, and distributor of Stainless steel Boiler Tube and Erw Boiler Tubes Tube.KAMAL Steel Industries has earned the status of preferred SS Boiler Tube manufacturer in India. We are one of the leading as the dealer, exporter, and trader of Boiler Tube in a number of standard sizes and grades, including 316/316L and 304/304L. Boiler SS tubing is used for parts of energy type equipment such as boilers, steam super-heaters, steam pipelines, etc. Buy Boiler seamless 304 stainless steel tubing at best price in India.

Stainless Steel Boiler Tube

Stainless Steel Boiler Tube

SS 304 Boiler Tube

SS 304 Boiler Tube

SS 316L Boiler Tube

SS 316L Boiler Tube

SS Seamless Superheater Tube Manufacturer in India, Refer Specification and Grades

Stainless Steel Boiler Tube Specification

Stainless steel boiler tube specification


Kamal Steels supplied SS Boiler Tube as hot rolled or cold drawn. Generally, these Stainless Steel Boiler Tubing, the smaller diameter tubes & the thick wall tubes of larger diameters are supplied as cold drawn and subsequently, they are heat treated.  Stainless Steel Boiler Tubes are available in various and also in custom-made sizes and shapes at affordable rates to our esteemed clients. According to the different applications, the Stainless Steel Seamless Boiler Tubes available in different sizes. We can customize the ideal Stainless Steel Boiler Tubing for your unique application. Contact to Kamal Steel Industries for confirming availability and pricing.


Supplier of 316 Stainless Steel Solution Anneal Boiler Tubes in Mumbai, With Plain, Beveled, Treaded End

Types of SS Seamless Boiler Tubes

SS 304 Boiler Tube
SS 304L Boiler Tube
SS 316 Boiler Tube
SS 316L Boiler Tube


SS 201 Boiler Tube
SS Seamless Boiler Tube
SS Boiler Tubing
Steel Boiler Tube


Check Testing of SA213 TP316 Boiler Riser Tubes


SA213 TP304 Economiser Tube Testing

Testing comparison DIN 17175 and EN 10216 – 2

EN – testing category
DIN – quality class


316 Stainless Steel Boiler Tubes Length

Length [m] for sizes [mm]
5 – 6 OD < 60.3
5 – 6 or 10 – 14 OD => 60.3 and WT < 7.1
5 – 6 OD => 60.3 and WT => 7.1


Types of supplied length of stainless steel boiler tubes are: (a) random length,
Stainless Steel Boiler Tube (b) fixed length ± 500 mm,
  (c) exact length
L < 6 m 0 + 10 mm
L = 6 – 12 m 0 + 15 mm.
L > 12 m + upon agreement


Certified Test Reports For Solution Anneal Boiler Tubes

EN 10204: for EN 10294 3.1 specific testing
EN 10204: for EN 10297 nonspecified testing (only the mandatory tests), 2.2
specified testing – 3.1.B
after agreement – 3.1.A, 3.1.C, 3.2
ASTM A450, A530, A1016, A999
DIN 50049, 3.1.B, C.
STN 42 0251, ČSN 42 0251,


Small Diameter Stainless Boiler Tube Chemical Composition

Stockist of SA213 TP304h Large / Small Diameter Boiler Tube Chemical Composition


Grades UNS Si Mn S P C Cr Ni Mo
TP304 S30400 1 2 0.03 0.045 0.08 18.0-20.0 8.0-11.0  -
TP304L S30403 1 2 0.03 0.045 0.035 18.0-20.0 8.0-13.0  -
TP316 S3160 1 2 0.03 0.045 0.08 16.0-18.0 11.0-14.0 2.0-3.0
TP316L S31603 1 2 0.03 0.045 0.035 16.0-18.0 10.0-14.0 2.0-3.0


Seamless Stainless Steel Boiler Tubes Mechanical Properties

View Stainless Steel Economiser Boiler Tubes Tensile Strength


Material Heat Temperure Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation %, Min
Treatment Min.º F(º C) Ksi (MPa), Min. Ksi (MPa), Min.
TP304 Solution 1900 (1040) 75(515) 30(205) 35
TP304L Solution 1900 (1040) 70(485) 25(170) 35
TP316 Solution 1900(1040) 75(515) 30(205) 35
TP316L Solution 1900(1040) 70(485) 25(170) 35


304 Stainless Steel Boiler Tube Applications

  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Power generation
  • Renewable energy
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Process piping
  • Food and beverage
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Water/waste
  • Marine Industry


The above-mentioned vendors of stainless steel boiler tubes are ex-stock and have previously delivered to many countries, including Algeria, South Africa, Bahrain, and Kuwait.